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  • Case Antec DA601


    • Mã sản phẩm: chưa rõ
    • Thương hiệu: ANTEC
    • Mô tả ngắn: The Prime Dark AvengerDA601Authentic Mid-Tower Gaming CaseNow we bring you the brand-new series of gaming cases: Dark Avenger - DA601, as the Prime Dark Avenger, is our new design for future gaming experience. With one press, you can have simple access to all the LEDs of the whole build. The high-tech front panel design makes your build shine as a superhero. It was also born with an ample room for you to equip it with high-end PC components. DA601 allows you to conquer the endless gaming war.Net Weight: 7.8 KgsGross Weight: 9.5 KgsColor Your System by Built-in LED ControllerI/O PORTSDetails Make...
  • Case Antec DP301M


    • Mã sản phẩm: chưa rõ
    • Thương hiệu: ANTEC
    • Mô tả ngắn: The Dapper Dark PhantomDP301MCompact Micro-ATX Gaming CaseDP301M is the micro-ATX version of another Antec new gaming series - Dark Phantom. As the Dapper Dark Phantom, DP301M still keeps excellent quality and the capability of being equipped with high-performance components. It may be small and light, but we never neglect every detail of the case. The ARGB boomerang front panel design represents the agility and speed in the gaming realm. DP301M is the perfect choice for gamers to enter the gaming world.Net Weight: 4.9 KgsGross Weight: 5.9 KgsSubtle IntelligenceMesh design will not stop the systematic airflow.Flexible EquipmentDetachable front panel for easy...
  • Case Antec DP501 White


    • Mã sản phẩm: chưa rõ
    • Thương hiệu: ANTEC
    • Mô tả ngắn: The Original Dark PhantomDP501WHITEMinimal Mid-Tower Gaming CaseDP501 White is the first gaming case of another Antec new gaming series - Dark Phantom. As the Original Dark Phantom, DP501 White exudes a beautiful simplicity and provides fair room for high-end components and cooling system. The design is simple but not flashy. Even though, we still make every detail perfect with effort. The ARGB blade front panel design reflects the simplicity of DP501 White. It is also a perfect choice for gamers who don’t want fancy elements.Net Weight: 5.57 KgsGross Weight: 6.4 KgsSleek and Sharp Exterior StylingConnect The Module With The Motherboard For Changing 16.8...
  • Case Antec NX600


    • Mã sản phẩm: chưa rõ
    • Thương hiệu: ANTEC
    • Mô tả ngắn: Creation of Value & FunctionThe NX600 mid-tower gaming case effortlessly combines a bevy of in-demand features: USB 3.0 connectivity, ample storage drive bays, room for expansion, and includes four ARGB LED fans. With support for up to a 360 mm liquid coolingradiator in front & 240 radiator on top, NX600 is easy to build with and easy to cool.Net Weight: 7.5 kgsGross Weight: 8.88 kgsMotherboard SyncI/O PORTSSupports up to 6 fansAMotherboard support: Up to ATXB2.5" SSD: 2C3.5" HDD/2.5" SSD(convertible): 2DGraphics Card Support: Up to 350 mmECPU Cooler Support: Up to 165 mmFPSU Support: Up to 190 mmMotherboard SyncThe included cable...