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  • Capture up to 1080p60 Resolution
  • Manual/Auto Focus and Exposure
  • 82° Diagonal Field of View
  • Sony Sensor, 24mm f/2.4 Glass Lens
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Mô tả

Designed primarily for creators, educators, and remote corporate meetings, the compact Facecam Full HD Streaming Web Camera from Elgato will help users connect remotely in high definition. Compatible with just about any social media platform such as Twitch, YouTube, and Skype, Teams, or Zoom, this camera supports 1080p60 video capture for smooth and precise video streaming.

The camera connects to a Windows or macOS computer using the included USB 3.0 Type-C cable to capture video while controlling and communicating with the camera via standard UVC protocol and the downloadable Elgato software. Its 24mm f/2.4 optical glass lens captures an 82° diagonal field of view, capturing your whole room. The camera can utilize manual or automatic operation, and it its settings can be saved on its internal flash. Its focus range is from 11.8 to 47.2″ for optimum clarity and crisp imagery. It can mount onto the top of your monitor with the included mounting clip.

Key Features

Auto and Manual Modes

Camera Hub makes it easy to set the perfect shot on the fly. Dial in your field of view, adjust saturation, sharpness, and contrast, select shutter speed, exposure, and color temperature, or let Auto mode take care of settings while you focus on your audience.

All Settings Onboard

Plug into a Windows or macOS computer and you’re good to go. Elgato Flash Memory saves all your settings directly to Facecam for instant recall on any machine.

Wide Field of View

An 82° diagonal field of view allows you to get everything in frame, and an optimized fixed focus allows you to stay in crisp focus at all times.

Dynamic Image Processor

The ISP inside Facecam is optimized to enhance highlights and automatically correct shadows. Colors appear vibrant yet natural. Whites and darks are always balanced to maximize detail while keeping noise minimal.

True 1080p60 Full HD

Cutting edge optics and advanced circuitry redefine what you expect from Full HD webcams. With Facecam, say goodbye to grainy footage that lags and present yourself in stunning 1080p60 resolution.

Raw Video Capture

Uncompressed YUV video means no unnecessary re-encoding of your webcam feed with low latency and zero artifacts.