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Performance 880 Closed-Back Headphones. “The Ultrasone Performance series was conceptualized for musicians and music lovers. The unique reproduction of music brings both groups of users together. These audiophile headphones for mixing, which show their own creativity across the whole tonal spectrum, are also ideal for music lovers who want to experience their favorite songs as the artist intended them to be experienced. The Performance 880 is also perfect for everyone who doesnaTMt want to deny themselves excellent sound while going about their favorite pastimes a” from gaming to watching TV. The Performance 840 comes with detachable cables with a bayonet connector that will allow you to quickly change to the cable of your choice. The Performance 880 comes supplied with a 3m straight cable with a 3.5mm gold-plated jack, a 1.2m cable with a microphone and remote control, and a 6.3mm gold-plated screw-on adapter. Spatial Sound and Fatigue-Free Listening Thanks to S-LogicA Plus Both the sophisticated tonal balance and patented S-LogicA Plus technology provide unique reproduction of your favorite music. The decentralized arrangement of the sound transducers creates a spatial sound normally only expected from high-quality speakers. A broad stereo platform with excellent depth graduation allows listeners to completely immerse themselves in the music. This spatial impression is created by the S-LogicA Plus design, which reflects sound more frequently before it reaches the inner ear. This design principle also ensures fatigue-free music enjoyment and protects the hearing. With S-LogicA Plus,compared to conventional headphones, a lower sound pressure level is necessary at the same volume level (3 – 4dB). Design Inspired by Ultrasone Edition When developing the Performance series, Ultrasone drew inspiration from the design of the highly acclaimed Edition 8. For example, echoes of the Edition 8aTMs unique lines can also be found in both of the new Performance models