Bàn phím cơ Vortex Tab 90M Keyboard

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  • Tên sản phẩm: Vortex Tab 90M
  • Hãng sản xuất: Vortex
  • Thời gian bảo hành: 24 Tháng.
Switch Cherry MX

Chia sẻ

A Compact Keyboard, The 95 Keys Vortexgear Tab 90 M a.k.a Vortex Tab90M offers a compact layout for a full size keyboard.

  • CHERRY MX Mechanical Switches - Allows Up To 50 Million Keystrokes Strong and durable, CHERRY MX Mechanical Switches allows at least 50 million keystrokes, making your keyboard a reliable partner for years of intense gaming & typing.
  • Solid CNC Anodized Aluminum Case
  • VSA PBT Double shot Keycaps : Keycap profile designed by Vortexgear
  • Extra Keycaps (31)
  • Customizable Layout Built up 3 kinds of layout, the Vibe also now comes with multiple layers pre-programmed, including Qwerty, Dvorak, and Colemak.
  • Detachable USB Type C Cable: Vortexgear Tab 90M provided a cable that is more commonly used; it’s USB Type C data cable. Cable and keyboard can be separate.

Keyboard Layout

Vortexgear Vortex Tab 90M Layout Keyboard ANSI US INternational

Switch O.S:

  • Windows: Pn + Q
  • Mac: Pn + W
  • Linux: Pn + E

Switch Keyboard Layout:

  • Pn + R+Shift switch(Cycle) - QWERTY / DVORAK / COLEMAK

Programming: Refer to the User manual

RGBY Key modifiers & Accessories

Vortexgear Tab 90 M , Accessories and keycaps modifiers  , Vortex Tab 90M mechanical gaming keyboard

What's in the box ?

31 Keycaps modifiers :

  • MAC Keycaps modifiers
  • RGBY Keycaps Modifiers
  • Additional keycaps modifiers

1 USB Type-C Cable :

  • 50 inches USB C Cable.

Pok3rRace 75%Cypher 65%Vortexgear Vibe 78% keyboard mechanical gaming device Vortex VibeTab 90 MCore 40%
Vortexgear Poker 3Vortexgear Race 3Vortexgear CypherVortexgear VibeVortexgear Tab 90MCore - Cherry Mx-Clear
ModelPoker 3Race 3CypherVibeTab 90MCore
Casing MaterialCNC AluminiumCNC AluminiumPlasticCNC AluminiumCNC AluminiumCNC Aluminium
USB Key Rollover6FullFullFullFull6
Multimedia KeysF-Raw
Switch Mount TypePlatePlatePlatePlatePlatePlate
Mac CompatibleYesYesYes
Dimensions11.60" x 4" x 1.4"12.21" x 4.73" x 1.18"12.45" x 4.18" x 1.65"14.36" x 3.82" x 1.34"14.6" x 4.75" x 1.35"9.75" x 3.00" x 1.00"
Weight1.76 lbs1.7 lbs1.41 lbs1.7 lbs1.9 lbs0.9 lbs