Loa Jamo P345

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Tại Restore - Cung cấp dịch vụ PC, Gaming Gear, Audio: 2,600,000₫

Tên sản phẩm: Jamo P345
Hãng sản xuất: Jamo
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The Jamo P 345 is the perfect choice for installing high-quality sound in homes or in commercial environments. A great sounding, versatile system that allows you to play your music from a MP3 player, computer or other audio source, even your TV, either by direct connection or by wireless streaming (using the optional Jamo WK 200 wireless kit). Included table stands allow you to set them up on any flat surface while the multi-position wall bracket, also included, allows angling of each speaker directly to a listening area while mounted on a wall. Available in black or white, the stylish speaker pair compliments virtually any decor.


Thanks to carefully employed loudspeaker units (a 4 inch woofer/midrange and a .75 inch tweeter) the P 345 offers superior sound quality with the ability to play loud as well. Its unique input/output jack combination also lets you connect up to two more pairs for a total of six speakers to cover a given area. And if you feel that you need that extra low end punch, just hook up a powered subwoofer to the SUB out connection.

System Type  2.0 Active Bass Reflex (Left Active + Right Passive)
Frequency Response  60Hz-20,000Hz +/-3dB
Rated Output (Watts)  2x15 (@ 4 ohms,1% THD)
Weight (Kg/lb)  Left: 2.1/4.6, Right: 1.9/4.2
Outputs  3.5mm Line out, Sub out, Right spk.out (Active)
Tweeter (mm/in)  19/0.75
Woofer (mm/in)  102/4
Inputs  3.5 mm Line In (Active)
Standby Power (Watts)  <.5
Features  USB 5V charge (for optional WK 200 wireless kit)
Product dimensions (mm/in, HxWxD)  226x160x133/8.88x6.31x5.25
Dimension Change w/Accessories (mm/in)  257/10.13(H, w/table stand), 178/7.0 (D w/wall brkt)
Product Finish  Black or White