Tai nghe Campfire Jupiter

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Tại Restore - Cung cấp dịch vụ PC, Gaming Gear, Audio: 18,000,000₫

Tên sản phẩm: Campfire Jupiter
Hãng sản xuất: Campfire
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Chia sẻ

Jupiter CK

Quad BA + T.A.E.C.™

Dual Hi + Dual Low transducers meet in the middle to create an expansive sound.

The Jupiter conveys extended highs, clear and slightly dry mids, and deep bass. The unsung hero of our line up.

Soaring High Frequencies

You will love listening to music with the Jupiter. Special attention in our design is focused on bringing out the high frequency extension. Far out extension delivers clarity and definition.

Dual high frequency drivers discard a traditional ‘tube & damper’ tuning system for our new Tuned Acoustic Expansion Chamber™ (T.A.E.C.). 3-D printed chamber provides the acoustic tuning without compression. As a result, high frequencies are extended and open, providing an unmatched sonic quality unique to Campfire Audio earphones.

Jupiter by Campfire Audio

Jupiter CK by Campfire Audio

Cerakote™ Finish

We’re proud to be the first to introduce a new coating to the earphone market. Cerakote™ is made in Oregon and is a super durable Polymer-Ceramic Composite coating.

Design and Assembled in Portland Oregon USA

Hand assembled by expert craftspeople in our workshop. Our earphones are created in small batches to maintain our high quality standards. Each earphone is inspected closely and paired tightly to give you an audio experience that is second to none.

Jupiter CK by Campfire Audio
Thông số kĩ thuật

5Hz–22 kHz Frequency Response

117.5 dB SPL/mW Sensitivity

38.5 Ohms @ 1kHz Impedance


Beryllium / Copper MMCX Connections

Machined Aluminum Shell

Cerakote Finish